About IDSC

IDSC is an international sports entity that promote dynamic modalities, amateur and professional, of sport shooting stimulating shooter technique, precision and speed, simulating self-defense scenarios taken from real life.

IDSC adopts an administrative structure that carry on professionals at every member country, in ways to provide a quick worldly entity development and promoted modalities by it. In each country there is a company or person designated as a local coordinator that acquire annual goals to promote sports development. The accomplishment of such local goals is indispensable condition to the maintenance of such local coordination.

IDSC has, as a core principle, deliver equal treatment to all its shooters, regardless of her country of birth. To search for such a principle of equality motivated IDSC first draw, counting today with more than 7.000 members of several nationalities.

In 2010, Texas, a group of sports directors of several nationalities gathered, and then cogitated the hypothesis of creating an international defensive shooting entity whom would adopt the same organizational structure in every member country. In addition, yet, putting the pioneers a honored acknowledgement for the spread of defensive shooting in each country, and, next, take charge, since the beginning, the condition of coordinators in their country, in ways which the modality would grow, since the very beginning, organized. A little later after that gathering, arose IDSC Defensive Shooting.

Any person, legally authorized to possess arms, might be member of IDSC and able to participate in competition anywhere across the globe. The shooter must use arms and equipment in the same conditions one would use in a real situation. So then, not allowed arms and equipment exclusive for competition.